How to Afford Windshield Replacement

When you need windshield replacement, it is out of the blue, so you have to pay for the unexpected cost, which feels like a headache. For that matter, many want to get a cheap windshield replacement.

Still, there is a feeling of insecurity that we associate with the word cheap. It is not uncommon that, to lower costs, some installers can diminish the quality of work and materials used in affordable windshield replacement. 

Knowing that your windshield is a crucial component in your vehicle regarding safety leaves you wondering what to do. Should you sacrifice your safety or your budget? None of that. We’ll show you the best way to afford suitable quality windshield replacement!

If you wonder, in Tampa, how much does it cost to replace a windshield? The short answer: between $150 to $400 for smaller vehicles. Windshield repairs can go a bit lower, with a minimum of $80.

However, you can’t tell how much your repair will cost until a proper diagnosis. It is this that leads us to the first tip to get a cheap windshield replacement:

Find a Reliable Company 

Here is where a trained eye is helpful. Someone with a lot of experience will discuss the best alternatives to solve your problem. Being upfront is the best thing to get a solution that won’t cause you more problems and costs in the long run. A reputable professional can also provide the best price. Keep an eye on the reviews, experience, work warranties, and safety standards the company has.

If you take your time to find the best auto glass shop in your area, we assure you that you will get fairly-priced services. Additionally, you can ask for discounts and special deals.

File An Insurance Claim

It is better to be safe than sorry. Getting car insurance that covers windshield repair or replacement can be the best way to get a cheap windshield replacement or not pay anything at all! Again, find a company that works with your insurance company and make sure to follow all recommendations to avoid losing your insurance coverage. Make sure to call your insurance company, and they will let you know about your insurance coverage.

Prestige ATG, we work with all major insurance companies in Tampa!


More than finding a cheap windshield replacement, specific actions can help you save money on your repairs that we might prevent. Here are they:

  • If you choose to do windshield replacement yourself, do your research on the product and procedure. You can avoid damage and increased expenses.
  • Save money for car repairs or emergencies and prepare if the time comes to repair your windshield.


Being prepared and finding the proper help is all it takes to get a cheap windshield replacement. It also saves you from a faulty job that could end up costing more than your money. Here in Tampa, Prestige ATG is the perfect company for auto glass services. We comply with every aspect of a dependable and efficient auto glass shop!


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