Got a Damaged Power Window? Here’s What To Do

So if your power window stopped working out of a sudden for whatever reason, like being stuck, not going up and down, being noisy, etc., you would have to recur to getting power window repairs. 

However, before you even consider repairing a car window, there are some basic steps to follow that will ensure you address these failures correctly. We share them below:

Protect Your Window

If you can’t or won’t be getting power window repairs right away, you should protect your car window against outdoor elements or theft attempts. Essentially, you will want to clean all the shattered glass pieces using safety equipment, cleaning the window for better adhesion, and sealing it with plastic covering and packing tape.

Diagnose The Problem

If you have more experience with car repairs and the right tools, you can troubleshoot automatic window repair. Keep in mind that you will have to disassemble your door panel, making sure you know how to put it back on correctly.

Problems that require power window repair are a broken motor, damaged switches, or regulator assembly issues. To pin the problem, you will have to diagnose it. For doing so, a test light is a great and handy tool. Start by testing if the switch is getting power. If there isn’t, chances are this is due to a broken cable or a blown-out fuze. 

If you have ensured the switch is receiving power, test the window motor next to see if the power is going to it with the test light by turning the switch on and off. If there is, and you can still hear the motor working by switching the window up and down, chances are the problem is the regulator.

Addressing Power Window Repairs

Once you know what you are dealing with, you can go ahead and address any power window repairs needed. Essentially, if a component is worn off or damaged, like the motor, switch, etc., you will have to replace them.

Even though many people attempt to do power window repairs by themselves, there are certain occasions when you shouldn’t. Also, hiring a professional power window repair service can offer better results:

  • You won’t have to spend more time looking for replacement parts yourself and determine if they are high-quality. Most auto glass or mechanic shops already count on replacements for all makes and models, as we do at Prestige ATG. Additionally, it is better when a component has to be custom-made or ordered.
  • You can ensure a more accurate diagnosis, as sometimes, a failure can trigger another one. Still, an expert knows how to get to the root of the problem and accomplish the job.
  • When you don’t have the tools and not a lot of experience with DIY projects, power window repairs are best left to professionals to reduce any risks.
  • When a power window brakes due to an accident, theft, or any other reason, it is better to get a replacement from certified auto glass experts.

Calling the Experts

After following the best steps for when you have a broken or damaged power window, you can finally find and contact an expert to get you back to normal. Some services are the most convenient, like mobile power window repair. At Prestige ATG, we offer mobile services in Tampa, FL. Make sure you contact us right away for any consultations or hiring the best service!



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